It is time to do what you love without exchanging your energy in such a way that compromises your integrity.


The New Age is upon us. The New Age that celebrates diversity of spirit and values even exchanges of energy. What do you exchange when you offer services for free because you fear that nobody will purchase your work unless you do? You exchange fear. And lingering from the Old Age is the desire for your clients to purchase fear. Fear that if they don’t receive something for nothing, that something will lose its value.


And so you offer packages with freebies and teasers. Your promotions shout like an infomercial for Ginsu knives: “But wait! If you buy now, you get my FREE E-BOOK valued at $35! And I’ll also throw in half a dozen other slippery things that your soul doesn’t need, because what we BOTH really need is a conversation about valuing ourselves over THINGS!”


So you tell yourself. And it seems easy to say – I get it; I’m marketing with fear. Fear that so many people are living in the Old Age that nobody will truly GET. ME. And therefore nobody will buy what I have to sell – which is Truth.


And so we listen when we’re told that the New Age is actually the age of social networking, and if you haven’t figured out how to use Twitter yet, you’re screwed. So now everyone is hash-tagging this and that, desperately trying to attract clients who are wasting their time on social networking. Because yes – even YOU are wasting your time letting your soul be sucked dry on social networking.


Let’s step back from all this — WE. Of the New Age. Have GOT to figure out how to do this better. How can we use technology to thrive instead of waste away in fear that if we do not conform to fear-based marketing that nobody will hear our voices?


We build communities. The old fashioned way. We speak to one another outside of memes and hash-tags. We write. We express. And we let our “art” speak for our souls.


With our art, our voices have a chance at reaching the hearts of others who will value our services for what they are – unlimited means of transforming the soul. With our conformity to fear-based demands by media experts to drive your business through high-priced branding formulas, pay-per-clicks and pop-ups as slick as a 3:00 a.m. informercial, we sacrifice our spiritual integrity by inserting our spiritual wisdom and fifth dimension perception into a fear-based third dimension world. We might as well throw in the towel now, for the highest wisdom can’t fit within a box of four walls meant to contain limited perception. Isn’t expansion of perception what we’re all about? Why are we stuck in this limited thinking when it comes to marketing our services?


To begin with, let’s start with our hearts, which are the New Age drivers of all that is transformative and empowering. What is it that you love to do? What is it that you love to create? Begin there. Begin with the expansiveness of your heart and its ability for unlimited potential to reach anyone within reach. And how you reach anyone is through your voice that can carry across the universe and touch not one but a million souls whose hearts and minds resonate with yours, if only you speak with your authentic heart and not a hash-tag.