In my time with Dana, her guidance had helped widened the doorway so that I could experience more angelic encounters & more often. The quality and clarity of angelic interactions outside of meditation really improved. I’d started recieving the same kinds of insight & messages outside of meditation – this has been the greatest reward. She’d helped me get to place where I could now have & maintain constant contact. She is a very gracious teacher.

I had recieved a variety of healings from Dana, in which I felt all the love in universe flowing through my heart. It has expanded my heart Chakra & released blockages that were limiting my experiences. The heart is the place where I validate intuitive moments. I’ve become more open-minded to other beliefs and practices. My roots are in Shamanic practices, where I have interactions with power animals and spirit guides. Dana arrived as a result of wanting to seek more of the upper realms, a place where Shamans meet with ancestors, spirit guides and Angels. In my time with Dana she’d helped expand it & opened me up to these Universal messages. I’ve since begun to dip into Hindi beliefs and began practicing yoga, which has opened another set of doors that open me up to the entire Universe. As a result, I am far more open to all religious & spiritual practices, seeking their Universal teachings & beginning to see their common thread.

As a result of Dana’s teachings: My relationship with my spirit guides, angels & Archangels, has taken off. I have much more frequent and meaningful interactions, beyond meditations, which I apply, in my everyday life…all areas of my life. My practices have expanded into reading Oracle cards, working with crystals, dietary changes and especially new ways to raise vibration. My relationships have grown, realizing I didn’t have to meditate, in order to dial-up the Angelic realm. Found myself beginning to ask for their help more often & finding greater results in my life. I’ve grown in the confidence of the messages I share with others. I have now become more proactive, in asking for help well in advance. The tools that Dana has taught are put into action, so that I can be used as a clear channel so that I may be of service to others. I have grown in the area of manifestating, healing and alchemy, along with conscious dreaming.

Eternally Grateful,
Jason Hicks – Spirit Wolf
Shamanic Practitioner, Healer & Spiritual Traveler

I have been working with Dana for about a month now, and I love how the development of my accension has been evolving. Dana has a wonderful connection with Archangel Michael and brings comfort and great understanding to the situations that I have been going through. She has been helping me peel back the onion and coming to understand trust and know my true higher self, using my gifts, and helping me to allow the inspiration that I desire to come through me in ways that I then can be of service to other people that are out there waiting for me to inspire and teach. It has been a wonderful experience and I hope to continue my development with her.

Love and Light,

Stephanie Leivas


Feedback on Ascension and DNA Transmutation:

The Ascension feeling was immediate and lasting. Found myself less submerged in the physical world, recognized somehow that it was like quicksand. Lead me to some insights about what & how it actually been fighting against my own asension process. Lead to some conclusions about resistance and deeper aspect of surrender, as a remote viewer, participator & co-creator. Find myself more oftenly “there”, without having to put as much effort into ramping up.

Able to elevate, more oftenly to the place of Eagle (Spirit), without as much effort or resistance. Intuitively, have been more inline & conscious of Spirit. Witness some growth and confidence in other clairs. How I see things has definitely changed, most suprised by how other clairs have risen, so that this information can be used to help paint a more clearer picture.

I’ve had some powerfull movement, since the DNA process. Seen some new results and have had some growth. Find myself spending more of my time, in the 5th, losing some of the grip of the 3rd experience. Overall, experience is lasting, powerfull and elevating. Am so thankful to Dana, for all she does.

– Jason Hicks – Spirit Wolf
Shamanic Practitioner, Healer & Spiritual Traveler


Dana Hutchins is a profound teacher who elevates the mind, body and spirit to bring harmony to the individual. She brings a quality of transparency and truth to every deep experience. She brings clarity and focus to the most complex situations and provides hope and deep understanding. I am deeply indebted to Dana for our work together and am recommending her highly. – Z.R.W.


I’m sure I haven’t met all those who work with the Angelic Kingdom, but after awhile you get to know the signs. That being said, I can say with almost perfect assurance that the energy radiating from Dana is that of Archangel Michael’s. The fact that she chooses to teach with his guidance is a blessing and a gift to the people of this town.

– Tanya, Intuitive Communicator and Spiritual Minister, RVA ( review)


Dana, thank you so much for the wonderful angel intuitive reading today. I think you and the angels were so right. I feel more balanced already, knowing what I have to do. Thanks again. I highly recommend those of you that need some answers in your life to try Dana’s readings. – Rebecca Del Medico


Thank you for the insightful and clear reading! You are a fabulous conduit for the messages and clarity of the angels. ♥ – Carolyn McGee, Angelic Life Coach & Communicator, “Gateway To You.”


Thank you again for your gift of the heart. ♥ – Suzan Morris