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There is a rhythm, even in the wildness of life. There is a mystery in the substance. There are no boundaries, only natural laws. We are natural explorers of this primal world. The fire in our bellies whips and ignites, lashing out in fury. It is a passion for...

Is compassion lacking in passion?

The idea that the person sitting next to us in a coffee shop or a movie theater or an office cubicle faces any less hardship than the persons facing adversity in Africa or Central America or the streets of Skid Row, USA is a vanity of the Western intellect. Your...


Perfection. It is a moment in time when everything makes sense. When the wind graces through the trees with a presence - sometimes soft, sometimes fierce, but always perfect in what needs to be. Perfection is what nature offers us through patterns of change and flow,...

Ocean of Experience

The strength of Mother Earth resides in her oceans. Our hearts are like the ocean, beating with a force like an undercurrent that provides us with such tremendous power and strength to swell us up and beyond the surface of our fears. The ocean is our passion, and when...

Change in Perception

To make change everlasting, we must embrace it, release it, then allow it space and freedom to find its own natural pace and harmony within our lives. Trust that change does not free us from our former selves but instead awakens us to our true selves is a process to...

Reading as Spiritual Practice

The books we read provide inspiration for our spiritual practice. Words are like the music that we flow with. Words allow harmony to present itself in a divine pattern. Words flow like music, allowing us to see the possibility in ebb and flow. Creation itself believes...

Divine Processes

So, at times in your life, you are aware that you have been given a particular challenge to face with a lesson to learn in order for you to grow. Or, as some might say, there is a mental/egoic root or a karmic lesson to be learned from your circumstance. BUT - Are you...

Using Your Voice

There is a time in one's life when you come to realize your own divinity. The places that you explore within your soul are secret windows to the divine light within all of us. Crack open a window and realize that the fresh air provides nourishment that cannot be seen...

Your Own Divinity

The truth within each of us is that we are wholly Divine, not separate from Source, equal to the angels. We are not broken, we are not wearing clothes from the past, harboring residue from negative experiences - we are simply overshadowed by our own fear of...

Your Angel Partners

The joy that one feels when working with angels is not a feeling that one has alone; the vibration you are working with comes from a union between your soul and its higher wisdom and that of the angel entities. This union between beings is a natural, divine way of...

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