Every person has the profound ability to connect with truth of the highest vibration, regardless of skill, talent or tools. This ability is one that is found in the simplest of creatures – stillness. To be still is to allow your mind, body and spirit to connect with the web of life that surrounds you. Stillness, therefore, is a way of harmonizing with Spirit. The Truth that surrounds us is a simple part of nature. It can be found in the rocks and the trees and the wildlife that we find ourselves a part of. For nature is a design of Spirit just as we are a design of Spirit.


Belonging to Nature and her stillness is a forgotten way of being. What do Nature and people do to bring balance to Spirit? They co-exist in harmony in a way that allows Spirit to weave patterns of communication, bringing all beings into a web of life that pulses and thrives with the highest vibration, which is Love. To exist in a world separate from Nature removes one from Spirit and its greatest means of communicating wisdom. The Truth in Nature is that all beings belong to this great web and are interconnected. No tool, trick or trade can bring you to that knowledge better than sitting within the stillness.