Mentoring for Spiritual Leaders


This program is a commitment to excellence in creativity, intelligence and wisdom.
It is designed for the spiritual leader who wishes to expand on their unlimited potential for greatness.

Working with Dana as your mentor allows you to focus your practice of spiritual leadership,┬ádeveloping your intuition, your wisdom, your day to day practice of allowing grace into your life, your fulfillment of your soul’s purpose, and your transformation of your soul into an enlightened being.

In order to achieve the joy of one’s greatest imagination, one must allow a process of accepting life as an opportunity to create beauty from that which is challenging, unwanted and harmful.

To create beauty in life is to see the world through the perception of the angels.

Your place in the world is that of a creative and illustrious person capable of spreading joy stemming from your intelligence and wisdom about the world and people’s place in it.

Your challenge lies in consistent expression of your deepest passions and consistent realization of your potential to view the world from a higher perception.

Your time spent with Dana is essential for your spiritual path as it allows you insight into yourself that only a teacher can provide you outside of an actual experience of conditioning and social awareness. Your experiences shape your perceptions, provide you with perspective and allow you to bring a sense of balance to your life and peace within yourself no matter what challenges you experience.

Deep wisdom comes from allowing your perception to be shifted. As you go through life you have the opportunity to bring that sense of balance wherever you go and teach others in a way that allows them to see your wisdom and perspective and transform themselves through your teaching. This is the process of mentorship.

When you allow a spiritual teacher to guide you on your journey, you allow them into your world each and every day, providing them with a window into your life and your challenges so that they may understand your perception and help you shift it. Dana brings her wisdom to your life and your journey on a daily basis by allowing you access to her perception in any circumstance.

About the Spiritual Mentoring Program


You will be given an opportunity to work with Dana each day by email and through weekly telephone or Skype follow-ups. Dana is available to answer your questions as they arise and help you through challenges that are ongoing and in need of spiritual support. Dana will provide spiritual insight as Archangel Michael directs her through ongoing email support. Your relationship with Dana will be one of teacher and student along with Archangel Michael, Dana’s own spiritual coach.

Your angel partners provide you with daily support and clarity to all of life’s challenges. One of Dana’s roles is to assist you in learning how to work with your angels as partners on an ongoing basis and allow you to continue on your spiritual path knowing that you are fully supported and embraced in their love.

The Spiritual Leader Mentoring Program Includes:


  • Daily access to Dana via email for spiritual support
  • Weekly scheduled mentoring via phone or Skype
  • Access to Archangel Michael for spiritual guidance and clarity for any soul questions and decisions
  • Guided wisdom offered ad-hoc from Archangel Michael as intuitively directed
  • Chakra assessment, balancing and opening as needed (provided remotely by Dana)
  • Transformation of Energetic Attachments (also known as “Cord Cutting”) as needed
  • Soul-Retrieval session as appropriate
  • Soul-Realignment session as appropriate
  • Spiritual Body Total Healing
  • Light Body and Earth Alignment
  • Personal Power (Soul Purpose) Assessment
  • Intuitive Skills Assessment and ongoing coaching of development
  • Creativity and Spirit Training
  • Masculine / Feminine Energies in practice for success
  • Formal guidance on planning implementation of an ongoing spiritual and creative practice into your life
  • Light body Ascension into the 5th dimension (with angelic permission)


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