Teach. Inspire. Create.

As an individual born into this life with the highest of vibrations, do you dumb down your intellect, accept others projections upon you, falsely proclaim to share similar negative emotions out of empathy, or lower your vibration to help others feel more at ease with you?
The gifted, spiritual artist, in a desire to heal every individual, often trades leadership for membership in a healing community. This born leader avoids fear-based judgement by the community of wounded souls who crave healing through interconnectedness of similarly wounded people. 

If you are a gifted spiritual leader, your role is to be a guiding light. There is no shame in lacking the depth of experience or perspective in the cycle of suffering and growth that propels most healers to share their gifts. You need not justify your own divine gifts by sharing a story that is common to the community you wish to lead. Your love and your light should be bright enough for the right people to see the path of hope you have returned to illuminate.