Core Teachings

Core Teachings

Everything must be in harmony with nature

We are all part of a plan of divine design within nature, not separate from it

Life exists to support a balance of energies that generate transformative and sustainable resources that we use to empower life-giving energies

The power of nature is intended to provide all of nature’s own creatures with all resources needed to thrive

The combined elements of the earth resonate with all beings whose souls are included within God’s universe

You are a creature manifested through the power of intention to provide the earth with a means for living an extraordinary and glorious path of union

All life flows through a system of harmonious exchanges of energy that allow you to benefit and reciprocate to each being with whom you love

The balance between creativity and the work of the material life must be sustained through one’s daily life

The focus on work as a means of living in abundance is without boundaries, for exchanges of energy are the primary means of benefiting from creative output

The natural flow between man and spirit is sustainable only by support with tools that one creates out of limitless thought and reliance on God for inspiration

All are capable of manifesting in partnership with Spirit and in harmony with Nature

All are in union with angel partners with whom they are in a constant exchange of energy

Beauty is the way in which all can recognize Truth from Spirit

Creativity as a means of manifesting allows for a divine experience of love from God and is intended as Truth expressed in the most profound way

Patience in allowing art to evolve from seed to blossom is reflective of God’s divine process of the soul’s transformation into a light being without limitation of body

Expression of the highest wisdom can be found through art when one allows the transformation of fear into an inspired recognition of truth and beauty within an experience

Allowing the soul a limitless opportunity for expression is the means of bringing hope to despair through creativity

The experience of creativity is a process that mirrors the soul’s path of ascension into a union with Spirit that allows the highest perception of wisdom to evolve

Your angel partners are always in union with Mother Earth and God in their guidance of your soul and its path toward limitless expansion of wisdom, intelligence and creativity

The balance between Mother Earth and God is reflected within the highest wisdom of masculine and feminine energies that must be encouraged and supported as Nature intended.

Communities of people in respect of Nature and Spirit provide sustainable and loving support for the advancement of culture that is in harmony with Spirit

All creativity, wisdom and intelligence can be found in nature

The power of union between people and animals in learning how to live in harmony is a tool for each person to use in viewing the planet as a source of wisdom and intelligence

We live in union and harmony with Nature and Spirit for the purpose of learning unlimited potential for creating a thriving community in which to support the ideals of a Divine intention

Love is possible as a means of creating a world in which harmony exists between people, Nature and Spirit through wisdom, intelligence and creativity in pursuit of peace and joy and abundance.