Catalyst Coaching for Creative Activists


The goal of any creative activist is to inspire others to create great change of their own. As spiritual teachers, your purpose is to lead others down a conscious path of deep reflection, awakening, divine expansion and purposeful teaching. To do so, you must work hand in hand with your angel partners who provide an exceptional creative experience of union, wisdom, joy and love.

Dana works with Archangel Michael as her creative angel partner to help balance the union of your creative desires for change with the potential of your students as they evolve in consciousness. Every person on a path of service requires a spiritual guide in order to align their passions with a path designed for them in this lifetime. What God wants for you is to live in union with Spirit and Earth, protecting its resources, encouraging conscious change, developing means of thriving with constant change, and building potential beyond the scope of today’s reality. Your angel partners provide a catalyst for you to make rapid change in your own ability to create, advance, design and implement your goals as a team with Spirit.

As a teacher, Dana coaches you on individual challenges to connecting with your angel partners, understanding your unique voice, bringing forth your exceptional ideas, belonging to a community, and embracing your unique talents for making a difference.

Being of profound influence in the life of a person who desires to make great change in the world is an endeavor of the highest divinity. And we are all Divine beings in partnership with the angels. Catalyst Coaching with Dana and Archangel Michael takes one beyond the realm of limits and old world models into a design with a creative vision, unlike that which treats the individual as a person who is bound by the body and the mind. Our focus is the power of creative activism and its use in designing new paradigms of understanding that reach a broader audience and transform with efficiency.

Hourly phone or Skype coaching for creative activists on goal-setting, unique purpose, and spiritual teaching to other activists on a path of conscious change.

Dana’s hourly rate for this service is $270. Also consider her custom Spiritual Mentoring program, with unlimited access, by application only.

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