In your wisdom, are you capable of believing that you are not what you have been taught? That you are not limited by your own doubts about your capabilities as a teacher?

If every person is a teacher, are we limited to teaching only what we have experienced, or can we expand our perception to teach what our souls have learned not in this lifetime or the past but what we are called to teach for the future?

In this rhythm of life we have roles we play in each movement, yet each of those roles is of our own design; they are not parts written for us. Imagine, if you will, a play in which each character wears a mask of fate. And each mask of fate forces you to believe that you can only speak of what you know from the Book of Lies. What then is your fate, if not what you make of it? Divine patterns? Divine law? The playbill promises you will find dramatic experiences to be everything you will need to live an inspired life. The more cuts and takes you rehearse in each scene, the more your body of work will develop into one of great character. And when the play is over, you seek a new part. A new mask.

When you refuse to write your own lines, you become the character each of has seen on stage. The one who relies on the Book of Lies, and the props, and the cast, and the director to fulfill a fantasy of being guided by a fate that cannot be transcended. But you are The Artist – and to be an Artist is to be guided by Spirit in whichever creative direction you choose. To be an Artist is to transcend limitations and fly as high as you wish, over the stage with its tiny characters, skipping the scenes and living in union not with the mask but with your Soul, which is without form, without drama, without a story, and without a Fate other than what we make. For The Artist is a teacher of creation, and that is the only divine experience we need to shape a future of wise souls ready to write the greatest experience of all.