Angels and access to the Akashic records

When we work with angels, we seek assistance in accessing the Akashic records. Many do not realize that the Akashic records do not contain facts unrelated to your soul’s journey in this lifetime. Unless that choice of new job or residence or car or new TV or toaster will teach a lesson you need to learn, it is otherwise a mere choice one makes with their Free Will. Visions of events or material things in angelic readings that are unrelated to your soul purpose are energies tied to your intentions (conscious or subconscious) that are ready to manifest. Therefore, don’t be disappointed when you don’t get the info you want or expect to hear from the angels; be empowered knowing that, with the help of the angels, you have the ability to manifest any outcome you desire, and that lessons of the soul are designed with light and love to help you on your journey.