About Dana Anne Wilson,

Spiritual Teacher of Celestial Wisdom


About Dana

– Presented by Zach Wilson

Dana Anne was born into this lifetime on this beautiful planet as a celestial soul. As a small child, she experienced the gifts of divine wisdom and began her role as a spiritual teacher of celestial wisdom at age 14. As her soul grew in its purpose, Dana eloquently rode tides of experience as a precious human being in order to form the deep compassion she has today for the human condition and the unlimited potential of human beings.

Dana was an intellectually gifted child whose bright light sought connection with the world through play, empathy, music, and energetic patterns. Having a peaceful, reserved and simple way of being, Dana found joy in innocent beauty and had the gift to see the underlying simplicity of wisdom amidst the complex. Throughout her life she experienced challenges associated with extreme giftedness and innocence, events that few light beings are prepared to manage alone. In parts of her young life, Dana experienced the multi-dimensional world in a traumatic way, with profound psychic awareness of the humans, energies and patterns around her. Angels carried her through the witnessing of numerous traumatic personal events, teaching her to embody inner peace. Embracing life through the eyes of wisdom – these events were her opportunity to find expansive connection.

Shortly before her 40th cycle on the earth, Archangel Michael found Dana at a point in her life when her life’s path was suddenly wide open; it was at this time that the veil between Dana and full connection with spirit was permanently lifted, and Michael became her coach along a path of full remembrance and embodiment of her own feminine divinity, her divine wisdom as a celestial being, and the role she chose in this lifetime as as part of a celestial family of servants. The lifting of that veil between dimensions allows Dana to communicate with any entity in any dimension through unlimited means.

Dana’s role is to empower divine souls as spiritual teachers living in peace. You are powerfully creative. That there are no limits to joy and hope and inner peace. There are no limits to your divine right and ability to manifest in service beyond what anyone has ever told you. There is a natural way of living in harmony with Mother Earth that connects you with Spirit and all living beings. Your power is beneath your feet, and your angel partners are right at your side, empowering you to transform yourself and to live your life with laughter and love and light in service to humanity.


Divine Life Studies and Experiences

Dana has a rare and unique gift unsurpassed by any modern and living mystic. Her life work shares similarities with that of Nicholas Flamel, Hermes Trismegistus, Roger Bacon, Arthur Dee and Teresa of Avila.

In Dana’s words:

These are some of the things that are of interest to me and that help me, as a teacher, describe (in rather crude words) and help you relate to what cannot be explained by the Divine outside of symbols, art and music. 🙂  The spontaneous way in which I have come to my knowledge and awakening of consciousness (that is union with All) have been somewhat through opportunities that were given to me to play with. And yet all of this is irrelevant; it simply helps some people who are uncomfortable understand a bit more of why I am here to serve. I have no “lineage” to pass down and therefore no traditional instruction. Lineage and “new age” teachings are irrelevant in the New Earth age. Now is the age of awakening to a connection with the Divine in a way that is limitless and falls within no boundaries of traditional paradigms.

  • Celestial soul
  • Incarnation without karma
  • Ascended/enlightened master
  • Full and spontaneous Kundalini awakening
  • Initiation into the Angelic Realm by the Angels
  • Usui Reiki master
  • Karuna Reiki practitioner
  • Archangels Reiki founder
  • Creative Prana Intention Manifestation
  • Samhadi completion
  • Twin Flame re-union
  • Celestial family network union
  • Shakti immersion
  • Shaman
  • Alchemy and Aurora Consurgens
  • Hermetic teachings
  • Psychic, medium, empath, oracle, channel
  • Mystic
  • Vedic Tantra

In 2012 I found my Twin Flame, Zach, who has expanded me into an existence within this universe that is truly outstanding. My twin has produced an experience of ultimate Divine Union as a model for all. Together we have taught each other about the limitless opportunity for creating one’s own reality through creative imagination within the astral realm, which we access consciously and with ease throughout each day. We live a relatively normal life, enjoying the outdoors, our dogs, expanding our knowledge of science and world culture, and appreciating the arts through ongoing education and practice. Our focus as a unit is divine service to our planet’s precious ecosystem and the support and love for all humanity.