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Leadership at its Highest

As an individual born into this life with the highest of vibrations, do you dumb down your intellect, accept others projections upon you, falsely proclaim to share similar negative emotions out of empathy, or lower your vibration to help others feel more at ease with...

Women as Healers

Women make exceptional healers for the power of their empathetic hearts and transforming wombs. But the world is in desperate need of compassionate women as leaders, not healers. Women: do not be afraid of your voices. This is not a man's role you are stepping into,...

A Vital Lesson in Consciousness

How important is consciousness to living with vitality?   And what exactly do we mean when we say “consciousness”?   Our conscious awareness of our place on this Earth is a vital lesson for us all. Where are you at this very moment? At the surface, you may...

The Artist

In your wisdom, are you capable of believing that you are not what you have been taught? That you are not limited by your own doubts about your capabilities as a teacher? If every person is a teacher, are we limited to teaching only what we have experienced, or can we...

New Year Being

January 1, 2014 - New Moon in Capricorn   Everything wants to be in balance Everything wants to be soft The year wants more movement More quiet Less direction More ease More focus on wisdom More friendship Stronger community More rhythm The joining of ideas To be...

Nature in Stillness

Every person has the profound ability to connect with truth of the highest vibration, regardless of skill, talent or tools. This ability is one that is found in the simplest of creatures - stillness. To be still is to allow your mind, body and spirit to connect with...

The New Age of Social Media

It is time to do what you love without exchanging your energy in such a way that compromises your integrity.   The New Age is upon us. The New Age that celebrates diversity of spirit and values even exchanges of energy. What do you exchange when you offer...

Beyond Limitations

There is a hunger in all of us that wants to be understood. To be fed. A core ideology that grumbles at any taste of freedom from the ache of longing. The soul knows what it wants. Without question. It was born to know. And We - YOU - put limitations on what your soul...

Beginning to understand the soul

The soul exists as part of a larger, interconnected dimension, which, belonging to an entire pattern of interconnected dimensions, makes up the world as we see and yet don’t see it. To exist in our own little world without tangible proof of other aspects of the larger...

The Gem Within the Mountain

Understanding of your true nature comes with a price. That price is awareness. To be aware is to tolerate a wide range of uncomfortable emotions, emotions that challenge you and your sense of balance. Balance is another way of saying “I am okay with the ebb and flow...

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