An Integration of Spiritual Teaching, Leadership, Wisdom, Beauty, Balance and Creativity Where Students Learn to Be Catalysts in the Age of Excellence and Illumination

Look Beyond the Stillness. Experience Passion. Create Beauty. Know Wisdom. Elevate Your Spirit. Live with Creativity, Intelligence and Wisdom. ,...


Who we are

Beyond Stillness was founded by Dana A. Hutchins, alchemist, servant, artist & environmentalist

What we do

Teach spiritual leaders the value of creativity, intelligence & wisdom in manifesting real change

Our Purpose

To Live In Harmony Between Spirit and New Earth and Bring Students to Highest Light


A teaching of divinity through creativity


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Our purpose as leaders is to guide others through a model of excellence.   Join us on this call

Start Time: 20:30 , Start Date: 11/06/2014 Location: Virginia USA / International

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A Vital Lesson in Consciousness

How important is consciousness to living with vitality?   And what exactly do we mean when we say “consciousness”?   Our conscious awareness of our place on this Earth is a vital lesson for us all. Where are you at this very moment? At the surface, you may have a bubbling of

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The Artist

In your wisdom, are you capable of believing that you are not what you have been taught? That you are not limited by your own doubts about your capabilities as a teacher? If every person is a teacher, are we limited to teaching only what we have experienced, or can we expand our perce

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New Year Being

January 1, 2014 – New Moon in Capricorn   Everything wants to be in balance Everything wants to be soft The year wants more movement More quiet Less direction More ease More focus on wisdom More friendship Stronger community More rhythm The joining of ideas To be inventive

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